In an girl wrote a letter to President Kennedy because she was worried about Santa being hurt by the Soviets testing nuclear bombs. He wrote her back to tell her not to worry because he& talked to Santa and he was OK.


did-you-kno: “As humans evolved, skulls grew and jaws shrunk to make room for larger brains. Since our teeth stayed the same size, ‘wisdom’ teeth don’t fit anymore. If you were born without them,.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum before your next test could raise your grade. Studies showed students who chewed gum for 5 minutes before testing had better scores. The chewing motion increases blood flow to your brain.

Rubiks Cube

The Rubik’s Cube was invented because Erno Rubik wanted to build a structure with pieces that move independently without falling apart. He had no idea he was creating the best-selling toy of all time.


In Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video played for a week at a movie theater so it could qualify for an Oscar nomination, but it opened for Disney’s Fantasia and terrified the children.

Werner Forssman

Heart surgery evolved thanks to Werner Forssman. In he believed you could insert a catheter into the heart. People said he was crazy, so he put a catheter into his own heart to prove it.


There are more public libraries in the U. than there are McDonald& Good job, America.


Vikings didn& wear horned helmets. It& an old stereotype based on fiction. This is the only complete Viking-era helmet that& ever been found.


A quarter of a million homes in Sweden are powered by the incineration of waste, but the country recycles so much that they actually run out of trash and have to borrow it from other countries.


Music can make your heart dance. Studies show that the body’s breathing and heart rate changes rhythm and synchronizes to the music that’s being played, which can explain why you get chills when listening to something awesome.

Little People in Ancient Egypt

In Ancient Egypt, little people were well-respected and some were considered to be gods. The Egyptians were tolerant of many medical disorders, and they thought that caring for all people was a moral duty.


If you could dig a hole through the Earth and jump in (without dying), you would not come out the other side. You’d fall down for 20 minutes until you reached the center, then technically you be.