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the reflection of sunlight on water and sand
AVART — studiopepe
AVART — Studiopepe.
a glass block with water reflecting off it's sides on a white table top
Social Media Best Ideas (tap here) crystal
an open door to a room with a bike on the wall and glass partitions
Loft B22 | M+T Architetti Montalbò | Tanese
a wooden table sitting under a skylight next to a set of stairs with wine bottles on it
Cool House Features A Large Conservatory Volume At Its Core
a living room filled with furniture and a painting on the wall next to a window
Gallery of Thuy Khue House / HGAA - 23
Gallery of Thuy Khue House / HGAA - 23
an empty room with a couch and chair in it
Ottostumm | Mogs: Sistemi per serramenti in acciaio | Archiproducts
an empty hallway with a skylight and wooden walls on either side, leading to the bedroom
Slip Resistant Options for Walk on Glass
an empty room with wood flooring and a flat screen tv mounted on the wall
Basement Design Planning and Construction specialist
a walk in shower sitting next to a plant filled with plants and rocks on the floor
Gallery of Chonburi Sila House / Anghin Architecture - 6
Chuveiro exterior
an indoor water feature in the corner of a room with concrete walls and flooring
House with Panoramic Ocean View by CLAIR archi lab
an empty window on the side of a building
mit Belüftungsgitter wandseitig
an outdoor area with tables, chairs and umbrellas covered in multicolored paint
daniel buren creates a chromatic landscape in the gardens of hotel le bristol paris