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More dieselpunk, but cool chair

Aviation chair by Restoration Hardware (I deliver these and want the aviator set for my SteamPunk theamed office/library!) Ridiculously expensive furniture though. My Office Chair

Three Rings Office Interior Design (10)

Amazing Steampunk Office by Because We Can From Source: Client: Three Rings, San Francisco, CA. Mission: An open office design with some division of space.

steampunk clock

If you’re looking for a clock that’s equally vintage, modern, and pure geekery, look no further than the Chronotronix Nixie Clock. Nixie tubes are electronic tubes that contain ben…

Armchair tray for drinks, books or magazines

Suporte sofa The Handmade Sofa End Table with Side Storage Slot. Make the shelf longer so you can put the laptop on it, and hinge that shelf so it lifts out of the way.