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Chris Kyle And here we honor and remember the dead, for if we forget our warriors past, surely too we will forget he living, and surely be damned.

Living The Dream

Its not a sin to fight for freedom. Jesus laid down His life to make us free. Christ purchased our freedom, and all who defend it are His.

What sniper?

Camouflage Ghillie suit sniper to help get the perfect long distance shot

CHRIS KYLE... Thank you for your service and protecting our country. You will NEVER be forgotten. R.I.P

Thank you for your service and protecting our country.

❤I thank all of our military today, our veterans and all their families who have sacrificed so much. God bless you!!

Chris Kyle is a hero. And i am thankful for his 4 tours, 160 confirmed kills and everything he stood for.

chris kyle....I loved the movie. I think we could have been friends!

Every American should read this book and The Lone Survivor! Ex-Navy Seal Chris Kyle, author of 'American Sniper' RIP.