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If we pray for a wise leader over our people  ~ it should be for Jesus Matthew 6:;9,10 Daniel 2:44   because man dominates man to his injury Eccl. 8:9

What an incredible promise of God. Praise Him for being faithful to reveal Himself to us as we seek to know Him! Jeremiah God's path is always the best path, or so I choose to live and believe in.

Do not conform

Recognizing God can be easier for some than others. So, how do we make it easier to recognize God when He's speaking directly to us? And how do we come to know if the word we hear are actually His?

1 John 2:17

Live for the eternal life. Live not to please man but God. Live to Love people and please God

One of my favorite bible verses. I think it is the root to all sin. we have our minds set on earthly things and then sin. It really puts things in to perspective and makes you reflect on why you are doing certain actions.

Meet the robinsons meet the avengers

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