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Junipero bonsai

[Not only a beautiful bonsai - but a stunning presentation of it. This shape would make a perfect tree for children (imagining it as a full-sized tree) - they could climb it easily and find their way to the top_ house of Warner]

Nature ~ Bonsai Japan / Japanese Antiques : More At FOSTERGINGER @ Pinterest ⚫️

Bonsai oh yeah this is one plant i can kill faster than jack the ripper. love the plant but it hates me!

Flowering and fruitbearing Bonsai trees - Bonsai Empire

Bonsai flower plants are the miniature trees that are grown in containers as a form of Japanese art. Bonsai trees give much pleasant look to interiors.

Fast growing, abundant blooms, love heat, tolerates cool, easy care, alternate leaves! Bougainvillea bonsai are just about perfect.

Bougainvillea can also be adapted to container culture, such as this bonsai specimen. - Erik Wigert, Ft Myers, Florida USA Paper Flower (Bougainvillea glabra) Ht: 42 in


Finding out about Bonsai trees in White Rock, South Carolina