SAAF Silver Falcons with Turboprop DC3

South African Air Force display team with Turboprop (SAAF Silver Falcons)

Silver Falcons Aerial Display South African Air Force

Silver Falcons Exercise over Table Bay - Cape Town, South Africa

Douglas (AMI) C-47TP Turbo Dakota (DC-3)

First time that this Dakota appears at an air show painted in the colours of the Silver Falcons. - Photo taken at Pretoria - Waterkloof (FAWK) in South Africa on September

Atlas Cheetah D performing at the SAAF's 90 Years on Golden Wings Airshow 2010.

South African Air Force Atlas Cheetah-D Delta-Wing Fighter. Not the paint scheme you would want in a dogfight, but pretty cool, and with since this is a two-seater, it's probably a trainer.

South African Air Force Mirage IIIs

The only other combat jet produced in greater numbers than the Mirage is MiG .