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Johanie Hendrikz
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Playing in the darkness

Some of us doesn't know how beautiful darkness is. Bare in mind if there's no dark there will be no light. In some sense, darkness portrays evil. In deeper aspects it portray sadness, and that is much, much worse.

i always giggle when i read quotes about hope, and then imagine my cat lighting up in the middle of a dark room

Hope shines brightest in the darkest moments . especially after hearing the news about Robin William's death, we need to remember everyone we meet that there is always Hope in Jesus. He is the light and our hope in the darkest moments.

Be not afraid, only Believe. (Mark 5:36)

I struggle the most with trusting and faith. I'm very good at rationally working through things and saying, "Okay, these are all the reasons I can believe." But to trust when I am uncertain or don't fully understand yet, that's my deepest struggle.