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BETEKENISLEER (SEMANTIEK) » Afrikaansonderwyser, versier u klas met SeiKlo…

Voortrekker monument, Pretoria: "At the foot of the Monument stands a bronze sculpture of a Voortrekker woman and her two children by South African sculptor Anton van Wouw. It pays homage to the strength and courage of the Voortrekker women who played as big a part in this historic event as the men."

Poignant memorial to the Voortrekker women and children - Voortrekker Monument - South Africa

25 Hilarious Afrikaans Idioms That Should Exist in English

25 Hilarious Afrikaans Idioms That Should Exist in English

afrikaans expressions Iemand n gat in die kop praat

Boer hero Emily Hobhouse (9 April 1860 – 8 June 1926), a British welfare campaigner who is primarily remembered for bringing to the attention of the British public, and working to change, the deprived conditions inside the British concentration camps in South Africa built for Boer women and children during the Anglo Boer War. Her ashes are buried in the National Women's Memorial in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

Although she was a British citizen, Emily Hobhouse has become an honorary South African through her selfless and courageous actions, which exposed the inhumanity of concentration camps during the Anglo-Boer war Fantastiese Vroumens!

The Concentration Camps of the Anglo-Boer War, in South Africa, during the reign of Queen Victoria.

This is the first general history of the concentration camps of the Anglo-Boer or South African War in over fifty years, and the first to use in depth the very rich and extensive official documents in South African and British archives.

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