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Biofilter for aquaponics: The biological filter, or biofilter, is a key…

Aquaponic Biofilter, definitely a must even in a small system that s adds up if it has nowhere to go.

How To Build A Hydroelectric Generator (FREE PDF Plans!)

5 Gallon Bucket hydroelectric generator design: to provide a source of electricity that can be built cheap and hooked up to any source of flowing water – including irrigation systems, creeks and streams, or even sewage systems.

Hammered Ring Band - Nunn Design

Made to match the Nunn Design collection. Choose from 2 beautiful colors. Soft metal can be stamped. Base metal is pewter. Size: 7 Sold as single. Available Colo

Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Honeywell Wind Turbine 6500 « The turbine’s installed cost is approximately of the cost of traditional turbines with a lower installed cost per kWh (in class and size) than any turbine on the market. Starts producing energy with 2 mph wind.

How to make a TRIP-WIRE ALARM | Cars Motors

This is how exactly to make a strike-ball trip wire alarm by using just a clothespin and electric match. As it's known by most of you, a trip wire is a pass