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A collection of top digital camera tips and essential photography help. Learn…

44 essential digital camera tips and tricks-- Just because you've bought an expensive camera doesn't mean your pictures will be amazing. Good photography takes a lot of work & practice!

What the ... White Balance? | Boost Your Photography

White Balance in Digital Cameras ExplainedEvery dіgіtаl еlесtrоnіс саmеrа hаѕ a White Bаlаnсе оr Autоmаtіс White Bаlаnсе (AWB) ѕеttіng in the vіdео саmеrа menu. Hоwеvеr the numbеr оf реорlе rеаllу utіlіzе іt аnd еvеn undеrѕtаnd еxасtlу whаt іt іѕ.

Lighting is an important element in photography. These photography tips and tricks will teach you about outdoor and indoor lighting for photos.

The SITS Girls break down the most common indoor and outdoor lighting scenes with photo tips on utilizing light to your advantage. *** More info could be found at the image url.