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Miss Literati - Write, Share and Shine!

Miss Literati Prompt: Write a story about your perfect Valentine’s Day. Will your crush finally notice you? Will a secret admirer slip a note in your locker? Will your celeb crush show up at your door and ask you to be his valentine?

Words to use while writing fight scenes. Great reference.

linestorm: Fighting Words Active verbs to use in a fight scene or an otherwise violent encounter, color-coded by severity (with red as most intense and purple as most mild), and categorized by type of fight. YOU FORGOT ABSCOND i am ashamed.

Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts for Writing with Imagery. You could also use cards from the game Taboo and have the students describe the word/concept without using any of the "Taboo" words. Or one could try excersise not telling the obvious

#Hijab Evening #Dresses we've picked for you

Looking for the perfect hijab evening dress but you still can't find the right one? We picked great evening gowns for your hijab fashion!

A button front shirt upcycled with lace insets at the bottom.

Great upcycle of what looks like a man's shirt. purple and white striped shirt and antique hankies--I like the juxtaposition of the striped button down with flowy doilies and linens----Chasing Santa Fe upcycle Inspiration

Homemade Peanut Butter

TRIED IT! Homemade Peanut Butter in 5 minutes. Just put peanuts in the food processor and BAM! peanut butter :) Once you try pure fresh homemade PB you'll never go back to storebought - No oil, no salt, works well with almonds and pecans too. all yummy