Images and Pictures of Nature: Healthy coral reef

Coral is being affected by rising ocean water temperature, resulting primarily from the burning of fossil fuels, and causing reefs to weaken, lose their color, and likely have large-scale die-offs.

Images and Pictures of Nature: Thunder strikes

Images and Pictures of Nature: Thunder strikes

Flowers galore: At the edge of the petal.

Type Italica *Ambizu*) New 100 Seeds Orchis Italica Seeds, Pyramid Monkey Orchid (Italica

Flowers galore: Flowers are the sweetest of things that God ever c...

The Dracula Orchid Simia more often referred to as the "Orchid Monkey" is part of a family with more than 110 different varieties

Flowers galore: When bright flowers start to bloom

Rare Species: This rare flower looks like a parrot. The parrot flower (impatiens psittacina) is about Its grown in Thailand and is so rare the government imposed an exporting ban.

Flowers galore: Each and every flower is a soul

Flowers galore: Each and every flower is a soul

Flowers galore: All my life I've tried to pluck a thistle

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Flowers galore: An old man in love.

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Flowers galore: If instead of a gem, or maybe a flower

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