Galvanised Cattle Water Trough

China Farm Equipment, Painting Steel Galvanized Feed Troughs For Horse, Cattle water trough supplier

Round Stake

Peeled round stakes and post give a rustic finish or irregular finish to any boundary. Debarked and pressure treated for a longer life.

Ring insulator for tape, rope & wire

Electric Fence Screw In Ring Insulator 01

Ring Insulator for Wire, Polywire & Rope

Electric Fence Insulators - ring insulator for rope, polywire or wire - 90 pack

Straight Distance Insulators For Horse Electric Fencing

Straight Distance Insulators For Horse Electric Fencing

HLS18.  Hotline Firedrake 0.18J Solar Energiser

CountrystoreDirect - Electric Fencing, Pet and Pest Control Products and

White Turbo Charge Electric Fencing Rope- 400m

This high spec turbo rope for long distance electric fences has low resistance copper conductors and a high breaking strain.

NEW - Fire Drake 18 Solar Energiser

A solar powered energiser with integrated solar panel and internal battery. It even comes with a battery charger for dull winter months!

Rope Connectors

These are strong rope connectors to join lengths of electric fence rope together and ensure voltage is conducted from one rope to the next

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