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a living room filled with white furniture and blue pillows on top of it's couches
The Souk Look: Boho Modern Outdoor Fabrics from Madeline Weinrib - Gardenista
Designer Madeline Weinrib, great-granddaughter of the founder of ABC Carpet & Home, has new outdoor fabrics that are a seamless fit for her family's signature Modern Souk look.
someone is making a large scale rug from scratch with their feet on the floor and another person's legs
How to Make a Large-Scale Rug from Scratch
there is a piece of fabric that has been sewn together on a wooden table
A rug from old jeans
two pictures side by side, one with blue ribbon and the other with white ribbons
How to Make a Weaved Basket With Old Denims DIY
a blue rug on a wooden deck with two chairs
Upcycling Projects for Old Denim Jeans
a pile of blue jeans sitting on the ground in front of a door with an open window
DIY: No-Sew Old Jeans Rug/Doormat {MadebyFate} #482