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u didn't even try

One of my all time favourite Disney movies. Still can't decide between tangled and frozen, such a hard decision<<-- Ugh can't we just do neither? Any other Disney movie I consider a classic

Flynn Rider

You have no choice but to sing? I want to be in a Disney movie, doesn't everyone?

Flynn Rider’s too clever for Disney…

Only Disney Character to question why people are randomly singing (or was it Patrick Dempsey& character Robert Phillip in Enchanted?) Maybe Flynn Rider is the first fully animated Disney character to question it.

Eugene is my favorite...and yes I call him Eugene because that's his name!

Flynn Rider: a realistic Disney male character. Though to be fair I'd say Shang and Kristoff are pretty realistic too.

Disney!!!!! LOL! So true!

The views, I want a moon room, where I can just look at the sky. And I want blackouts near my castle for less light pollution. I want a tower on my castle. So that I can pretend that I'm trapped and being guarded by a dragon<<< I want all of it

Lol haha funny pics / pictures / SO TRUE!! / books

Accurate to my life. Add in a few TV shows like Doctor Who and The Walking Dead and this is spot on. I'm usually totally disinterested in that other stuff. What do the other girls do in their spare time like wtf

This is the coolest braid thing ever! It may look hard, but it is seriously just three fishtail braids braided together