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a close up of a wrapping paper with birds on it and twine around the edges
Happy New Year and Etsy Monday. PrismofStarlings.
A blog about do it yourself gift wrap, pretty purchased gift wrap, ribbons and embellishments and wrapping methods
how to make an origami horse out of paper - step by step instructions
Origami. Kudos to the creator. So much fun! Thank You!
a man standing under a yellow and black bike wheel with the spokes still in place
grain edit2011 Poster Cabaret Bike Print Set Giveaway
Biker by Jason Munn
an abstract painting with different colors and shapes on it's paper background, including triangles
Bauhaus - Art as Life by The 100th Idiot, via Flickr
a drawing of an owl with two eyes
Owl by Pablo Picasso
Pablo Picasso drawings | Owl Painting by Pablo Picasso - Owl Fine Art Prints and Posters for ...
an art deco wallpaper with green and white fan design
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a calendar with red and black flowers is hanging on a white wall next to a clipboard
2014 wall calendar - seasons
2014 wall calendar - seasons
four calendars with different designs on them
2014 wall calendar - seasons
2014 wall calendar seasons par dozi sur Etsy