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Mother waits until all her chicks are saved
That's how cute this little 👶🐹 hammy can be...
Kitty, in my opinion, is shocked🤦🏼‍♀️🔊😁
I got a new friend 🤗❤️
So this is why quarantine is needed in large quantities.
Such a good boy 🤗 tag someone to make their day just that little bit brighter 🌞💛
Big yawn 😂❤️ Via @discover.animal
Yummy 🤤 Via @discover.animal
Hedgehog mommy take care of her baby 😍 Via @discover.animal
😃 Kitty well done 🥇👏🏻 What do you do in quarantine? 😁
When you are in quarantine🤪