A couple of months ago I wrote an article on freedom of association in the economic sphere and the fearmongering myths that surround it. I recently decided to read it again and recap my thoughts on the topic, and realised that what I thought was a good explanation of my views was actually an extremely …

Mega-analysis proves ADHD is a real disorder caused by differences in brain structure

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Taxation Is Theft And The Rich’s Wealth Matters For Economic Growth [Opinion]

The popular narrative doing the rounds is that capitalism is an inherently bad system that only serves to generate wealth for the few at the expense of the majority. It is this narrative that is used .

Hunting Is Conservation [Opinion]

Hunting is one of the most controversial hot potatoes to be flung around in contemporary discourse. On the one hand we have those calling for a total ban on hunting, whereas on the other hand we have .

What We Can Learn From Ross Ashcroft’s The Four Horsemen [Opinion]

n British filmmaker Ross Ashcroft produced a documentary film that would change the way we view contemporary society. The Four Horsemen has forever altered the majority’s perception of .