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an orange and grey piece of cloth with buttons on it
orange bag detail 3 | Lotte Worthington | Flickr
a necklace made out of buttons on a wooden table
DIY: Button Bracelet
Button bracelet tutorial. Such a simple project. I think you should make a few of these... buttons are easy as hell to find .
a christmas tree made out of buttons is on the floor next to a white card
Buttons christmas card. Weihnachtskarte mit Knöpfen, DIY. Weihnachtsbaum
a christmas card with buttons hanging from strings
there is a framed picture with many different buttons on the bottom and one in the middle
[08/03, 18:33] Alida: Marinda -het so pas gedink dit is presies hoe ek voel!! [08/03, 18:34] Marinda Van Schalkwyk: [08/03, 18:36] Jean: [08/03, 18:53] Sonja ESTERHUIZ: Baie geluk Susan. Mooi jaar jou toegewens
a butterfly made out of beads and other items in a framed frame on the wall
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Heirloom Jewelry Butterfly Picture More
a button tree with snowflakes and buttons on it's branches is featured in this mixed media collage
Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland