Justine Limpitlaw

Justine Limpitlaw

Justine Limpitlaw
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I would love to do this for the kids

I really like this idea for a kids room. Ive always loved the idea of loft beds, but putting a curtain to cover and it becomes a special alone space. I did this but with a normal bed. I laid underneath but with less room than this.

This bunk bed is AWESOME.

Our Fantasy Bunk Bed gives your little girl all the fun space she needs in her bedroom! Playful steps lead up from the queen sized bed on the bottom to an upstairs twin top bunk. Perfect for sisters, sleepovers and visiting cousins.

Got milk? Researchers in South America have found that a foliar spray of milk controls powdery mildew

powdery mildew - Mix a spray of one part nonfat milk to nine parts water and spray weekly to reduce the disease causing organisms (Sphaerotheca fuliginea). Not only does the spray keep the disease in check, it fertilizes the plants at the same time.