Just another vicious Pitbull

Just another vicious Pitbull

The perfect example of a vicious pit bull. A vicious pit bull I want to squeeze.

VETKOEK 4 Koppies Koekmeel 1 Pakkie Yeast 1 Teelpl Suiker 1/2 Teelpl Sout 2 1/2 Koppies lou kookmelk & water Olie

VETKOEK 4 x 250 ml koekmeel 7 ml kitsgis 5 ml suiker 3 ml sout 600 ml lou water olie vir smeer en diep- of vlakbraai

South African Beer

SABMiller is one of the largest international brewing companies, second only to Anheuser-Busch, and Castle Lager is their flagship beer. Think the Budweiser of South Africa. Perfect for before a rugby match.

my sentiments exactly...

Spotted at the airport in Johannesburg: Biltong! Similar to jerky, this South African dried meat snack comes in beef, ostrich, kudu (venison) and other big.

Zambuk-the real Makoya !!

Zambuk-the real Makoya! Fixes everyting from chapped lips, cuts and scratches, to itchy bites and bee stings.


Roadtrips are so much fun. enjoy Life and really live it! This reminds me if Crystal!