Liberal Logic

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A collection illustrating the oxymoronic beliefs of the left wing

Joe J
To the Left, free speech is protected. Hate speech is not. Who determines what is hate speech? The Left. Great Quotes, Funny Quotes, Sarcastic Quotes, Awesome Quotes, Life Quotes, Interesting Quotes, Reality Quotes, Quotable Quotes, Daily Quotes

Free and Funny News Ecard: So if you state your opinion it's free speech, but if I state mine, it's hate and intolerance? Right, I forgot that's how it works. Create and send your own custom News ecard.

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Liberal Logic 101's Photo from February 18, 2013: liberal-logic-101-335.Laws of stone on a foundation of tissue... Check out our photo gallery.

Liberal logic on religion - hypocrisy at it's finest

Liberal logic on religion

Obama may recognize a gay basketball player and a cross dressing pecker tucking Jenner as a hero but WE DONT! Chris Kyle Is Americas Hero! Along with all the other Enlisted/Vets that keep us safe and have given their lives for FREEDOM!