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Kids are natural explorers, they are constantly thirsty for knowledge and curiosity is their thing. It's really important to feed your child's need for answers and learning new things. As you know kids get bored very easily, so to teach them something, it has to be fun. Here we have some cool and entertaining science experiments you can try with your kids. They will learn a lot of new things while playing.

Learn about ocean layers & zones with this creative science activity kids & teens will love! Fun way to discuss marine animals and how light travels thru water -- STEM for kids Ocean science project

The strongest loop knot you can tie

The strongest loop knot you can tie cause how else can you hang someone and not expect them to stay hung?

Alternian could be a totally rad second language<<< If I wasn't utterly horrible at languages, I would definitely learn it.

the last line there means "whoa slow down there student" I take Latin. XD ==> Adding that to the list of things I didn't know. ==> thank you for that random piece of knowledge!

K-2SO Rogue One Star Wars meme .... K-2SO by Imajinn-Design on DeviantArt

Ironically this is exactly how I felt about Rogue One. ------------------- Rogue One Star Wars meme . by Imajinn-Design on DeviantArt

Love these for the under water party I want to trow Nannah next year.

Salt Dough Sea Urchins Tutorial - Wildflowers + Whimsy (How To Make Christmas Salt Dough)