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the shadow of a person standing in an empty room
Preface to the First Edition
a man dressed in medieval clothing holding a frame
Raoul Crying Out Loud
Raoul a man without beginning or end tumbling through a series of utopian fantasies in which acrobatics, mysterious transformations, music and dance collide
a shirtless man sitting on the floor in front of clothes hanging from a line
three people in costumes sitting on chairs with one holding a broom and the other standing up
ALES. Le programme de Cratère Surfaces 2014 est sorti de terre
a woman standing in an ice cave looking at the ground below her is text about how to get there
Kohei Nawa's Foam installation created a landscape of soapy bubbles
a group of people standing on top of a snow covered ground next to mannequins
a collage of people dressed in black and white, hanging from chains with masks on them
Фотоколлажи Клаудии Рогге о противостоянии личности и толпы
a man standing in front of an orange light
Rajha Shakiry – Staging Places
a ghostly woman sitting on top of a white sheet
a group of people hanging upside down in the air
Superb cast in Fura del Baus’ American Walküre debut
three different views of people sitting on chairs in front of a stage with black and white walls