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a poster with the words focus on me, not the storm
Keep your eyes on Jesus!
a facebook post with an image of a person in the water
The Hand of God
This is beautiful. Jesus Christ's hand is outstretched no matter how deep we get or how drowned we feel.
an image of jesus in the water with his arms outstretched
Mateo 14:25-27 Mas a la cuarta vigilia de la noche, Jesús vino a ellos andando sobre el mar. Y los discípulos, viéndole andar sobre el mar, se turbaron, diciendo: ¡Un fantasma! Y dieron voces de miedo. Pero en seguida Jesús les habló, diciendo: ¡Tened ánimo; yo soy, no temáis! ♔
Amen!!! <3 Wise Words, Inspirational Words, Inspirational Thoughts
Matt Feathers (@DanceAutomatic) / X
Amen!!! <3
a black sign with white writing on it that says you make beautiful things out of dust
DIY canvas, bible verse canvas, Christian canvas, song lyric canvas @Anna Totten Loeppky
a poster with the words god's top ten on it
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Christian Nursery Art Christian Wall Art Ten by inktuitive, $15.00
the words god doesn't call the quailied he quailies the called
Make an Impact
a gray card with the words, where you lead me lord will follow on it
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put a map on a canvas and put sticker letters and paint
a red sign that says god is good all the time
Christian Art, Decorations and Wall Decals - sources, ideas and prices. Solid items rather than the saccharin ones found in nearly non-existent Christian Bookstores today.
For the Home Inspirational Christian In This by ACDecalDesigns, $23.00 Christian Inspiration
four black and white canvass hanging on the wall
Reserved for Jillian Partial Payment Christian Art SET of | Etsy
I want this in Cruz's room! Christian Art - SET of 9 -9x9 "Teach Me" Wood Blocks - Inspirational Art -Nursery Art, Home Decor, GraceforGrace by Tiffany Rachal. $265.00, via Etsy.