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a bike is parked in the back of a wooden storage shed with grass growing on top
Bike storage
bike storage - and it has a green roof!
a sculpture made out of mirrors and grass in the shape of a face is shown
50 Pieces of Art Created with Nature’s Basic Bio-Elements on imgfave
Garden nymph
an aerial view of a building with snow on the ground and buildings in the background
Lufa farm : les fermiers du ciel de Montréal
Lufa farm sous la neige
a rack filled with lots of green water bottles
An Algae Bioreactor From Recycled Water Bottles
An algae bioreactor from recycled water bottles
a lemon tree with lots of yellow fruit growing on it's branches in front of a brick wall
"Potted meyer lemon trees are easy to grow and produce luscious fruit. I get over 100 lemons off of my potted tree every year"
a yellow house with lots of pillows on it
In the Storm
Wow.... why didn't I think of this? Stack a row of concrete blocks, add a cushion pillow top and colorful outdoor pillows and now you have a great little outdoor napping area or outdoor reading nook.
a wooden box filled with dirt next to a yard
Pretty Prudent
a tall wooden structure sitting next to a house
Got Rain? Season 2
Multiple rain barrels stacked for higher water pressure (& greater storage volume)
Interior...vintage bus-RV conversion Vintage Campers, Camping Vintage, Vintage Camper Remodel, Kombi Home, Vintage Airstream, Camper Makeover, Bus Camper, Rv Interior, Trailer Remodel
Interior...vintage bus-RV conversion
a large black object sitting on top of a grass covered field
Greg's Pop-Can Solar Space Heating Collector
Pop-Can Solar Space Heating Collector
several pictures of different types of outdoor furniture
Pallet Possibilities
Upcycling pallets!