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"You can't make homes out of humans."

"You can't make homes out of humans, I won't let you in just because you have knocked, and if you keep using my heart as your doormat, the next time you'll find that it's locked.

The Vampire Diaries Damon & Elena "And I'd choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality. I'd find you and I'd choose YOU.


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~JJ~ It was always us. It was always real. It still is. One day you will wake up and miss me, miss the way i loved you and realize I gave it my all. You'll realize I never betrayed you and that you were the only girl I wanted, the only person I've ever seen a future with. Whenever that day is, I'll still love you, because you have a part of me that i will never get back.

Daisy add an "s" in front of every "he" for years I've looked at you like this, everyone else saw it and knew but you. im glad fate caught up and was able to have us together because your more than jist my sunrise your my world daisy.

Credit - Products: Brows: dipbrow in medium brown and gimme brow gel Eyes: meet matte "nude" and "trimany" palette Lashes: "flirt" Lips: sassy girl liquid lipstick -