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Sharon Skeffington
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9 Common Cat Myths Debunked | Petfinder

Are black cats bad luck? Do pregnant women need to give up their cats? Does a cat really purr when he's happy? Learn the truth about these and other common myths about cats!

The Moustache: Not Just for Show

Miniature Schnauzers, as beautiful and stylish as they are, aren’t just another pretty face. The breed started out as good old fashioned farm dogs that had a job to do, and that was to hunt and kill vermin threatening the food supply. Rats are tenacious fighters with very sharp teeth and claws, so the Schnauzer’s facial […]

Judy White's awesome scratchboard of my photo "Rainy Day G… | Flickr

Judy White's awesome scratchboard of my photo "Rainy Day Grizzly Cub".

Judy White is a Master Scratchboard Artist. She lives in Brisbane, Australia. One of only two MSA's in Australia. Back in the spring Judy White asked permission to use my "Rainy Day Grizzly Cub" as a reference photo for a scratchboard she wanted to do. Near the end of May I received an email with a jpg of the finished scratchboard. She has titled it: "Resting Place". It is TOTALLY AWESOME!!! I am so impressed!!! Recently there has been quite a bit of activity on my "Rainy Day Grizzly Cub"…

Amazing Scratchboard | Squirrel (Scratchboard) by ~Kittykicker on deviantART

Squirrel (Scratchboard) by Kittykicker on DeviantArt

My first attempt at a scratchboard. 2004 Squirrel (Scratchboard)

Lucy | Melissa Helene 5x7 scratchboard pet portrait

Scratchboard Artist | Melissa Helene Fine Arts | Wisconsin USA

Lucy | Melissa Helene 5x7 scratchboard pet portrait