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The 7 Most Terrifying Archaeological Discoveries (kind of creepy but I like the history) Facepalm Meme, La Danse Macabre, Post Mortem, Archaeological Discoveries, Haunted Places, Interesting History, Cthulhu, Pompeii, Ancient History

The 7 Most Terrifying Archaeological Discoveries

In reality, we all know archaeology is nothing like what we see in movies. No ... it's way more terrifying.

This is proof of a real dinosaur. It belongs to a Megalapteryx and its skin condition is considered the best preserved dinosaur tissue to date Archaeological Discoveries, Archaeological Finds, Real Dinosaur, Dinosaur Claw, Dinosaur Facts, Dinosaur Activities, Dinosaur Fossils, Science And Nature, Science Fair

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Llillaillaco Maiden, 15 yr old girl sacrificed during the Inca Empire for religious rite and social control. Considered to be the best preserved Andean mummy ever. Social Control, Post Mortem, By Any Means Necessary, Conquistador, Thinking Day, Interesting History, Interesting Facts, Machu Picchu, World History

the charnel house

Photo of the “Llullaillaco Maiden”, a 15 year old girl sacrificed during the Inca Empire for both purposes of religious rite and social control. She was chosen a year prior to her death, fed a...

sunken city in the Peloponnesus region of Southern Greece near a small village called Pavlopetri. This is no ordinary archaeological site; the city is about 4 metres underwater and is the oldest known submerged city in the world. Oh The Places You'll Go, Places To Travel, Places To Visit, Magic Places, Sunken City, Underwater City, Site Archéologique, Château Fort, Ancient Ruins

The oldest submerged city: A 5,000 old sunken perfectly designed city in Southern Greece | Science and Technology | Before It's News

In the Peloponnesus region of southern Greece there is a small village called Pavlopetri, where a nearby ancient city dating back 5,000 ...

'Stone Age embrace' - woman and presumed two children, ages 5 & posed in death abt yrs ago in the Sahara. Skeletons found in largest/oldest Stone Age cemetery ever discovered in African desert. Post Mortem, La Danse Macabre, Tiny Woman, Stone Age, We Are The World, Interesting History, Memento Mori, Ancient History, Art History

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The copper ore used for the manufacture of the Varna culture artifacts originated from a Sredna Gora mine near Stara Zagora. Varna culture flourished in BC.A burial at Varna, with some of the world's oldest gold jewellery. Ancient Aliens, Ancient History, La Danse Macabre, Objets Antiques, Post Mortem, Art Antique, Antique Jewelry, Interesting History, Interesting Reads

The Ancient World

The oldest worked gold known found in a grave near Varna, Bulgaria. 4400BC

Reptilian Conspiracy: Tracking Down The Mysterious Fossilized Remains of an Ancient “Dragon Man” Aliens And Ufos, Ancient Aliens, Ancient History, Unexplained Mysteries, Ancient Mysteries, Unexplained Phenomena, Creepy, Scary, Paranormal

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In Tokyo, a fossilized dragon man was discovered. It takes the shape of a regular man but somewhat smaller and with wings. Many people believe it is real proof of a Gargoyle or a fallen angel.

Archeologists announced in March of 2006 that an exca-vation near the Red Sea had unearthed a shipyard containing the world's oldest sea-faring ships. The artifacts, such as wooden planks & cargo boxes, suggest that Egyptians had set sail 4000 yrs ago Ancient Mysteries, Ancient Ruins, Ancient Artifacts, Ancient Egypt, Ancient History, Ancient Civilizations, Egyptians, Temples, Site Archéologique

Image Gallery: Amazing Egyptian Discoveries

Some of the coolest mummies, tombs and body parts found in recent years.

Incredibly preserved 700 year old mummy found by chance by Chinese road workers - The Archaeology News Network Ancient Artifacts, Ancient Egypt, Ancient History, Fotografia Post Mortem, Bog Body, Archaeological Finds, Interesting History, Interesting Stuff, Ancient Civilizations

She's aged well: Face of incredibly preserved 700-year-old mummy found by chance by Chinese road workers

The corpse of the high-ranking woman believed to be from the Ming Dynasty was stumbled across by a team who were looking to expand a street in Taizhou, east China.

Göbekli Tepe (Turkey) —The world's first temple, older than stonehenge and more ornately carved. This would be a dream come true to see. Turkey is on the top of my list for so many reasons, and this just added to it. Ancient Ruins, Ancient Artifacts, Ancient History, European History, American History, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, History Medieval, British History

Turkey: Göbekli Tepe - World Archaeology

Göbekli Tepe in Anatolia is the world’s oldest man-made structure. Could religion have been the catalyst that ignited the 'Neolithic Revolution'?

A team of researchers unveiled an almost perfectly intact fossil of a 47 million-year-old primate they say represents the long-sought miss. Primates, Mammals, Ancient Aliens, Ancient History, Ufo, Lago Ness, Dinosaur Discovery, Extinct Animals, Prehistoric Creatures

Missing link found? Scientists unveil fossil of 47 million-year-old primate, Darwinius masillae

Feast your eyes on what a group of scientists claim is the Holy Grail of human evolution. A team of researchers Tuesday unveiled an almost perfectly intact fossil of a 47 million-year-old primate they say represents the long-sought missing link between humans and apes.