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Vista Grande – by Marc Crumpler ~ Contra Costa County, California. Photo by Marc Crumpler.

Greyton, South Africa

Image may contain: mountain, African Soul 14 May · Greyton, Western Cape - South Africa.

Greyton, South Africa, a beautiful place that will always have a special place in my heart ♥

Peaceful town of Greyton in Winter - 1 hours drive from Cape Town - close to Hermanus.

On these mountains, between the rocks  crevices and inside the heart of every flower, dances a sacred spirit protecting each bud, each bee and each blossom with an alluring, magical song ... which can only be heard if you are quiet and if you walk on these ancient mountains with love respect and humility.

Greyton, South Africa – a picture-perfect country village in the mountains, snow in winter, warm log fires, fresh trout.

Kloof Gorge, KZN South Africa ~ close to our last home in SA

I grew up looking at this view from our garden and bedroom windows. I didn't know how privileged I was. Been there, stood on the rocky outcrop to the forefront of the picture. It's even more terrifying than it looks.

Miss you Sweet Pea xxx

Having a whale of a time @ Hermanus: ek en Ir, van Vuuren girls naweek en most…

Bright yellow Canola fields and Aloes, on route to Greyton

Bright yellow Canola fields and Aloes, on route to Greyton

The Rock, Hermanus

The Rock, Hermanus

Trail above Greyton ...

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