Jenny Oosthuizen

Jenny Oosthuizen

Jenny Oosthuizen
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Shabby Chic

Gorgeous French Home House Decor Love The Curtains and Style. Shabby Chic Glamour, Cream and Duck Egg Blue Window - thinking about this in my closet room and for my dining room. Love it!

Brick Raised Beds

Spiral Brick Raised Garden Beds - easier to harvest - might make a good herb garden? (inspiration only) ******************************************** ( via bing) - raised bed spiral herb garden t√

Make your own organic curtain rod with a birch branch and panel curtains

Make your own organic curtain rod. A birch branch is the perfect perch for grommet-top or ring-clip panel drapes. Mount with U-shaped drapery brackets to cradle the branch from below; slide panels on.

Craft homemade bird-feeders and watch the wildlife that come to feast! To make the simplest bird treat, tie a string to the tip of a pinecone. Slather it with peanut butter. Then roll the pinecone in birdseed or raw oats and hang it on a tree visible from your house.

For the birds - slather a pinecone w/ peanut butter, then roll in birdseed or raw oats - or - make suet w/ equal parts Crisco, peanut butter, flour, birdseed & 3 parts corn meal. Shape into balls and place in mesh bags