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a close up of a piece of cloth with designs on it and a white background
a table with some sewing supplies on it
Only took an hour but it leaves me with lots of little empty bits to add patches and embroidery 😊#jessiechorleyfriendshipquilt #patchwork #handmadebyme #handpiecing #
the table is covered with many different pieces of fabric and buttons, including brooches
ideas for an inchie project
a table topped with lots of different types of cloth
Jessica Chorley
a painting of a monkey and its baby sitting on top of it's mother
Sophie Standing: Textile Embroidery Art
Sophie Standing: appliqueing intricate collage on base fabric of sketch then draws details over top of fabric with sewing machine using many colors of threads."
a drawing of a bird with feathers on it's head
Secretary bird collage using scraps of fabric.
a painting of a rhinoceros with many colors
Kaffe Fassett fabric
a painting of a dog with multicolored hair
danny amazonas
Hard to believe this is fabric! Beautiful portrait quilts by Danny Amazonas
a painting of a colorful bird and flowers
Ντάννυ Αμαζόνας – Danny Amazonas
I knew the work of Danny Amazonas while surfing on the net. I was attracted at first sight because of the bright colors and the beautiful fabrics he uses. As I was not able to get any piece of info…
an abstract painting of a bear in blue, orange and yellow
Ground Squirrel by Kari Fell
a painting of a girl with a pearl earring and flowers on her head is shown
Danny Amazonas
a pink flamingo standing on top of a sandy beach next to a flying butterfly
Pinkerton Flamingo Collage Quilt Pattern by Laura Heine
Pinkerton Flamingo Collage Quilt Pattern By Laura Heine