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So many Pins! As this board overflows, I am motivated to categorize these pins - visit me at ღ Jenn Canuck ⊱╮- who knew there was so much Canadian awesomeness…
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four different pictures with people walking on the beach and in the water at various times of day
5 of the Best Scenic Day Trips in Ontario
the words let's tell america it's great on a blue background with stars
Tell America It's Great
Amid election woes, Canadians are telling America it's great
collage of images with the words calgary on it and photos of fall foliage
Calgary, Alberta Canada - Plain Chicken
Calgary, AB Canada - where to stay, what to do and where to eat! The BEST burgers, crazy milkshakes and ice cream. Also the best spot to watch the sunset.
a row of buildings with flags hanging from the roof and flowers in pots on the sidewalk
Downtown Chemainus
Downtown Chemainus, British Columbia
a store front with an assortment of items on the sidewalk
Hamilton Textile District
The Hamilton Textile District located on Ottawa Street is the largest fabric and textile district in Canada and also Hamilton's top tourist destination. Every year, the district is transformed when it hosts the annual Ottawa Street Streetfest which offers incredible shopping deals, foods, crafts and entertainment. Visitors to the area can expect to find countless shops and stores offering the latest in textiles and fabric designs.
the sun is setting over an autumn landscape
Autumn Sunrise by Insight Imaging John Ryan / 500px
Autumn sunrise at Rattlesnake Point in Milton, Ontario - Canada
a wooden cutting board topped with meat and veggies on top of a table
Getting to know you: Toronto's Little Italy
Toronto's Little Italy - Food Tour
a city street with tall buildings and cars parked on the side
Across Canada: Winnipeg, Steinbach and Manitoba - Lavender and Lovage
Across Canada: Winnipeg, Steinbach and Manitoba
a silver and blue passenger train traveling down tracks next to snow covered mountain range in the distance
Toronto to Vancouver by Train with The Canadian - Lavender and Lovage
Toronto to Vancouver by Train with The Canadian
an old church on top of a hill surrounded by trees with fall foliage in the foreground
Cantons-de-l'Est: Eastern Townships in Québec - Lavender and Lovage
Cantons-de-l'Est: Eastern Townships in Québec
a large building with many red and white tulips in the foreground at night
Garden Of Flags Honours Fallen Canadians
Garden of flags | Remembrance Day, Toronto, 2015
an old book cover with red flowers in the foreground and a poem written on it
Lest We Forget
Jenn's Random Scraps: Lest We Forget
a river running through a canyon surrounded by rocks
Maligne Canyon
Maligne Canyon in Jasper National Park, Alberta
a white plate topped with pasta and veggies covered in parmesan cheese
Unexpectedly Canadian: Foods you thought came from somewhere else
There are plenty of obviously Canadian dishes, but you might be surprised to learn some of these culinary delights are actually from the True North, too.
people are walking up and down the stairs in an alleyway with tables on each side
Exploring Old Quebec City
Quebec City, Lower City BoulderLocavore.com