Marshmallow frosting - stands beautifully in soft fluffy peaks. Great on cupcakes x

angel food cake frosting - marshmallow frosting: 4 large egg whites, 1 Cup ordinary sugar (white or brown), 1 pinch of salt, 1 tsp vanilla. On chocolate would be to die for!

Pirate Ship Cake (root beer barrels and malted milk "cannon balls":)

Pirate Treasure Map Cake

ooo ooo Tina out of cheese cake! Pirate Treasure Map Cake: My son was having a Pirates of the Caribbean birthday and wanted a cake to match. We like some of the pirate cakes and we liked the treasure map cakes,

sail boat sammies

Sailboat Sandwiches: These clever snacks, filled with tuna and topped with cheddar cheese sails, carry on the seaside theme.


Fiesta pirata!!! Pata de palo!! Aaaarrrrrgggghhh!!

Cakes and Cupcakes for a Pirate Party. by SweetToothFairy Very cool idea . love the skull pirate theme for a pirate party. I love the blue, red, black and white.

watermelon boat

Watermelon Boat Recipe - How To Make Melon Boat - How To Prepare Watermelon Boat Recipe

pirate cupcake eyes

Candy Eyes for Monster Jell-o cups, punch, or baked goods White And Black Icing Eyes @ Confectionery House)

Pirate Cupcakes

Coolest Pirate Cupcakes

First I baked the Pirate Cupcakes and let them cool, then did a crumb coat of thin icing.

slow cooker turkey legs

Recipe free - Turkey patties with pears. Thousands of Turkey patties with pears recipes. Discover how to cook the healthy recipe. All food recipes online for free. Easy, quick, and free recipes. Cooking tips and food.

Could go on the cake or the cupcakes

Pirate Cupcake Toppers - Cake Toppers 3-D Edible

I like that this is kind of like a 3D pirate map cake :D

I like that this is kind of like a pirate map cake :D