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Roasted chickpeas are one of my favorite snacks. There are so many ways to do them. I have put recipes all in one handy posts for you to access. Some are mine, and some are from around the web. Maple

20 Healthy and Easy Roasted Chickpea recipes - I want to try these again but dry the chickpeas really well beforehand. I would have to make them for a crowd though and not as snacks for the week because they don't stay crispy leftover!

How to cook grains

This is a cooking chart for how to cook different grains. Very helpful! Brown rice provides superior nutrition value over white rice - we buy brown rice in bags for cheap and this is a main grain!


Baking Substitutions ~~~ Don't get caught with your measuring cups down or empty! Very, very informative webpage on substitutions when that one(or more) ingredient is missing from your shelf.