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a woman with red hair wearing a gray sweater and jeans, standing in front of a white wall
Wool and the Gang
Wonderwool Sweater by Wool and the Gang X Good Housekeeping / FREE PATTERN
a ceramic whale mug sitting on top of a wooden table
Whale Folk Art mug
Folk Art Mug - Whale This folk art mug will have anyone smiling every time they…
two pipes connected to each other with water running from them
Home - Tanya Clarke-Liquid Light
Liquid Light - The Wall
a woman sitting on top of a body of water next to trees and lily pads
Tarot, The Star by bluefooted on DeviantArt
a spiral notebook with an abstract design on the front and back cover that is drawn in black ink
Half Mandala Feast
Judy's Zentangle Creations: Half Mandala Feast
a drawing of a woman's face with flowers in her hair and an open book
Moleskine 6 by Sabinerich on DeviantArt
Moleskine 6 by on @DeviantArt
an iphone screen showing the instructions for how to make a paper origami flower
Mapping Out Mandalas Tutorial by ObscureFamous on DeviantArt
Mapping Out Mandalas Tutorial by idea... mandala bowl/plate using hump or slump mold.
a drawing of a girl with long hair drinking from a cup and holding a plate
little miss drinking cofee
"Little Miss Drinking Coffee" by Vanessa Van Meerhaeghe
a woman holding three paper flowers in her hands
DIY: Paper Flower Tabletop Display — decor8
DIY Giant Paper Flowers Tutorial
a rose is being painted on a piece of paper
Distress Watercolor Dry Embossing
This is REALLY cool!!! All you have to do it get watercolor paper. Then sketch your drawing,outline your sketch in Elmer's glue then paint it with water colors! SO fun!
a painting of a woman with flowers on her head and pink ribbons in her hair
Lack Is Our Own Perception.