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a bowl full of food with the title 7 ways to reduce food waste on it
7 Ways to Reduce Food Waste - Jenna Helwig
7 Ways to Reduce Food Waste - Jenna Helwig
an open refrigerator filled with lots of food
Tips for Freezing Produce to Avoid Food Waste - Simple Bites
Tips for Freezing Produce to Avoid Food Waste - Simple Bites
there are several containers with food in them and the text reads 9 foods that freeze well and how to thaw them
Foods That Freeze Well and How to Defrost Them - Jenna Helwig
Get a list of foods that freeze well and find out how to defrost them. #freezer #freezerfriendly
how to freeze blueberries in the freezer and use it as an appliance
How to Freeze Blueberries
See how quick and easy it is to freeze blueberries for baking and smoothies all year long!
how to cut watermelon into cubes with a knife and cutting them in half
How To Cut Watermelon into Sticks for Easy Eating | Best Recipe Box
two glasses filled with pink smoothie sitting on top of a yellow table cloth next to each other
Eating Well: How to Makeover Your Fridge
Best Meals to Clean Out Your Fridge - Smoothies are another concoction that are perfect for using up the dribs and drabs in your fridge or panty. Here's what's fair game: cow's or plant-based milk, leafy greens, frozen fruits, fresh fruits, dried fruits like figs and dates, nut butters, and seeds. Pick three or four ingredients and blend up a stellar snack or breakfast. #family #smoothies
a white plate topped with a salad and two silver spoons on top of a table
Molly Wizenberg & Brandon Pettit's Red Wine Vinaigrette Recipe on Food52
Easy trick to making a better red wine vinaigrette from Molly Wizenberg & Brandon Pettit's and Food52
a woman is preparing food in the kitchen
How to Steam Food | Parents
Steam foods in stock, rather than water, to add flavor. More secrets for flavorful, healthy steamed foods:
a person chopping onions on a cutting board with the words how to chop an onion
How To Cut Up an Onion
See how to cut up an onion--no tears required! #cooking
six jars of jam sitting on top of a towel
How to Can Food | Parents
See how to can your own food at home!