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Galaxy||female||mysterious,brave,independent,smart,sassy,stubborn,and very beautiful||power:invisibility||is mates with black fire and has 3 pups:luck,spike,and daredevil||
Imagen de wolf, art, and butterfly
Silver-male-very handsome,smart,strong,protective over those he loves,and,if provoked,wont hesitate to kill-Power:super speed when its a full moon and can control the water whenever he wants
wolf growling | Snarling Wolf Large Closeup Bares Fangs Image From Tinypic Com Tags
Dreaming about wolves Art Print. This looks awesome. Would be a sweet tattoo
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White Wolf: By living courageously and faithfully, we experience the wonder of being alive, where everything is possible ..."The Wolves Followed A Path Of Harmony, And They Did Not Like Anything To Upset Their Way." "Wolf Was Chosen By The Great One To Teach The Human People How To Live In Harmony In Their Families. Wolf Was To Teach A Truth, As Each Animal... Would Do Also For The Humans To Survive.