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a man sitting at a table with two plates of french fries and a bottle of water
Dream (London edition)
George and Karl
a man with a fake tomato on his head is shown in the shape of a strawberry
a man sitting on the back of another man who is holding his arm around him
Sapnap and George
two men standing in front of a large balloon with the words i love karl's mom on it
a man is holding up a tray with food in it and giving the thumbs up
three young men standing next to each other on a pier with the ocean in the background
Dream team
a person with their mouth wide open wearing a hat and making a silly face at the camera
a man laying on top of a bed covered in blankets and pillows with his hands under his chin
two soccer players are standing on the field
karl <3
a man standing next to a blue and green wolf mascot
Karl Jacobs