Britains's secret weapon against the Boers. 1900 (Boers would not shoot at people wearing "dresses" (Kilts)).

Old photograph of a First World War, Scottish, Highland Piper. [Elsewhere listed as c. Source and unit unknown. Likely Africa or Middle East.

Boer Republics and English Colonies before the Boer War - South Africa

Pakenham’s very thorough history of The Boer War reads like a novel and I could hardly put it down. In my mind that puts h.

Boere Oorlog - Anglo Boer war. The Boers went to war in their best Sunday clothes. They were IRION

Boers Boer War Their uniforms suck but they are well armed. No cast off thirty year old Martini Henrys or shotguns in this bunch.

Zuid-Afrika - Bourke's Luck, Daar ben ik geweest!

To see Panorama Route: Bourke's Luck

A boer child, Abraham Carel Wessels, in a concentration camp during the Anglo Boer War

A boer child, Abraham Carel Wessels in a concentration camp during the South African War

Emily Hobhouse, an English activist, spent six months in South Africa from January to June 1901 visiting Bloemfontein and six other camps during the Anglo Boer War

Although she was a British citizen, Emily Hobhouse has become an honorary South African through her selfless and courageous actions, which exposed the inhumanity of concentration camps during the Anglo-Boer war Fantastiese Vroumens!

Louis Botha, General in the Boer Wars (on the Boer side, of course), and first Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa a scant ten years later.

Louis Botha - Project Gutenberg eText 16462 - Louis Botha - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Anglo-Boer War's British Concentration Camps for Boer men, women & children.

Boer War Camp Inmates, from Hobhouse, The Brunt of the War, Metheun 1902