melt my heart.

Jim Henson and Kermit the Frog. Love Kermit, cried so hard when Jim Henson passed and I heard Kermit's new voice for the first time, it broke my heart.

the queen in colors. THE rainbow queen

Vogue Chart - The Rainbow Queen - Her Majesty's Favourite Outfit Colours (Queen Elizabeth II)


Even the street beggars in Durban have a sense of humour lol ve seen this in Cape Town too!


StreetArt in Germany

Nightmare Fear Factory Haunted House -Niagara Falls

20 Hilariously Freaked Out 'Nightmares Fear Factory' Visitors: The "Literally Hair-Raising" Look

We have

Breaking news: Pizza Hut has pizza. What a crazy thing to put on a pizza sign!



Life is too short...

Clever ad on the side of an ATM machine. "Life is too short for the wrong job.


I am the hero that Gotham deserves - Strange people - – Largest collection of funny, cute, crazy or interesting pictures since 1999


Funny pictures about Delete Cookies ?, tagged with computer, cookie monster, cookies, delete posted in Gags


'Lovely shoes dear' for Canvas magazine, Mexico.


This is the real story behind that tortoise and hare fable. The hare just didn't…


What’s better than eating a keyboard-shaped waffle for breakfast? Chris Dimino created this waffle iron from an old typewriter keyboard. The waffles come out of the iron in the shape of a keyboard, which is perfect for any breakfast-loving nerd.

Nothing to do

Funny pictures about Russia Summarized In One Sentence. Oh, and cool pics about Russia Summarized In One Sentence. Also, Russia Summarized In One Sentence photos.


Check these 51 Funny and Perfectly timed photos I found. These perfect timed photos of rare moments, hilarious scenes, and some bizarre photobombing action.


Buy a new mailbox. "They're surprisingly inexpensive. For under 100 you can get a brand new mailbox in any style you want. That's the key, try to find a mailbox that matches the style of your home.