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a small tree sitting on top of a lush green hillside in the middle of a forest
Nature hikes.
a wooden bridge over a river surrounded by trees
West Coast Trail - Cable Car
West Coast Trail - Cable Car. Always wanted tl do this. Eyes r on me
a small waterfall in the middle of a rocky area with water flowing down it's sides
Little Qualicum Falls
After dinner one of the nights, I hiked over to the Little Qualicum Falls to take a couple pictures of the falls and rapids below. Little Qualicum river has a lot of places to play in the river. It will be a good place to come back too with the kids. Location: Vancouver Island, Canada
a very long suspension bridge in the woods
West Coast Trail - Hanging Bridges
West Coast Trail - Hanging Bridges
a wooden path in the woods with benches made out of logs
Top 10 Best Hiking Trails in the World |
The West Coast Trail, Vancouver Island, BC
a woman walking across a log in the woods with backpacks on her back and two other people behind her
Your Guide To Trekking The Epic West Coast Trail On Vancouver Island
Your Guide To Trekking The Epic West Coast Trail On Vancouver Island
a man with a red backpack is climbing up a ladder in the woods on a foggy day
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Backpack on the wild side along B.C.’s West Coast Trail. Wonder if I will ever be able to hike this again? So beautiful!
some steps in the woods with lots of trees and plants on either side of them
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Steps in the Westcoast Trail, Vancouver Island, B.C.
a wooden ladder going up the side of a mossy hill
one of the glorious ladders on the West Coast Trail
a long wooden staircase in the middle of a forest
going down the ladders at logan creek, highlights : 100 Thousand Photos
West Coast Trail British Columbia | Enlarge Going Down The Ladders At Logan Creek. 2009
a wooden ladder going up into the trees
UNL Recreation & Tourism Class Blog
West Coast Trail, British Columbia
a wooden staircase in the middle of a forest with lots of trees on both sides
“Never give up on something you really want. However impossible things seem, there's always a way.” ~ Goddess Sophie Kinsella ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ photo: West Coas...
an old train track in the middle of a forest
How to Hike Vermont’s Long Trail -
Bog Bridges on the Long Trail, Vermont Finished in 1930, The Long Trail is the oldest long distance hiking trail in the United States and shares a National Scenic Trail designation along with longer trails such as the Appalachian and Pacific Crest Trails. The trail is 272 miles in length running the length of Vermont from the Vermont-Massachusetts border to the Vermont-Canada Border. Remote, muddy, and mountainous, it is considered far more difficult and rugged to hike than the Appalachian T...