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an island in the middle of a kitchen with plates stacked on it and two pictures above
DIY Kitchen Island Cart
DIY Kitchen Island Cart; How to and plans for building a kitchen island on wheels; island with recycled cabinet
a white room with a bed and pictures on the wall above it, along with wooden flooring
Ogu™ Originals 96x96cm | Ogu™
Vintage wanddecoratie, uit onze Themed Collection | Ogu #vintage #wanddecoratie
a pool table with red cups on it
100 Man-Cave Must Haves
100 Man-Cave Must Haves - From Personal Draft Beer Dispenser to Masculine Musk Candles
three different types of leaf prints on display in front of some wood planks and other items
DIY Leaf Decor DIY Picture
a bunch of pictures are hanging on a wire rack next to a potted plant
West Furniture Revival
Part of an old screen door.
an old fashioned oven with many different items on the front and side panels, including shoes
old oven rack I hung to hold my sunglasses...
two pictures with different types of chairs and one has the same fabric pattern on it
DIY Slipcovering Shortcuts
DIY Slipcovering Shortcuts
an old wooden box with many different colored buttons on it's lid and sides
Beer Can Creations
Beer Bottle Cap Tiki Bar-love this!! I been saving bottle caps for months to do something with a this idea!
three candles are lit on the wall next to some driftwood pieces that have been placed together
This item is unavailable - Etsy
love drift wood or anything to do with trees or the outdoors!
the bookshelf is painted bright blue and has several children's books on it
DIY DVD storage-wooden crates that I bought @ Michael's, sanded painted