Get your burger fix AND stick to your diet with a 'Banting' burger with creamy avo and tomato

Try this banting recipe for Beef and Feta Burgers with creamy avocado and courgette rostis - beef-and-feta-banting-burgers

Bacon and cheese stuffed chicken banting recipe. Alternatively you can substitute the chese with bacon and the chicken with bacon and the beans with bacon and add more bacon, because bacon.

Bacon and cheese stuffed chicken - banting recipe Delicious stuffed chicken to fit in with your low carb high fat diet.

Banting with bacon - Uum, yes?

Succulent pork chops wrapped in bacon with apple slaw: Serves 4 Difficulty: easy Prep time: 15 minutes Cooking time: +- 20 minutes .

Bacon 'banting' snacks - Look good, taste better and lose weight #winning

Apple wedges and sage wrapped in streaky bacon and roasted until golden.

How to make the perfect mushroom sauce for your steak right here.

Franck Dangereux shows us a simple and beautiful mushroom sauce.

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