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Flowers along the whole arm.

Check out Creative rose tattoo or other rose sleeve tattoo designs that will blow your mind, tattoo ideas that will be your next inspiration.

Roses # tattoo

While most people do not apprehend how authoritative rose tattoos can be, rose tattoo designs are actually the most celebrated among teens. Rose flowers are not as feminine as most people might think. Rose is…

This is one of the most creative tattoos I've seen in a while! God's Greater than the Highs and Lows.

God is greater than the highs and the lows. But maybe instead of God put I? I am greater than the highs and the lows?

Funny Pictures Of The Day � 54 Pics

Not sure that the coke thing is funny, but rather a sad, strange truth. Jackie Chan doing WTF via charades as a characterture is funny.