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tree of life , you are your foundation in the roots and the space of breath from your leaves constantly regenerating and out creating your infinite amazing being called YOU !

One of my favourite tree of life tattoo designs! I love the placement, and celtic idea around it. I would love to get this, maybe encorporate some celtic design into the tree, and add a beautiful horse under the branches on the right :)

Animal Tattoos: Here are a few animal tattoo ideas worth considering.

Fox thigh tattoo Fox is an animal known for its cunning. It’s believed to have wisdom to provide guidance finding way around obstacles. People get fox tattoo not only for its charming and furry appearance but also for its symbolic… Continue Reading →

Spectacular Neo-Gothic Castle | Amazing Snapz

Castle Lichtenstein (by Patrick Theiner) Lichtenstein Castle is situated on a cliff located near Honau in the Swabian Alb, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Its self-descriptive name in English means “light (colored) stone.