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the instructions for how to make an origami airplane
Behind the Scenes | 2015 Mondraker Summum Carbon
the futuristic bicycle is parked in front of a wooden wall
Trek Zora futuristic bike | WordlessTech
Trek Zora futuristic bike, is slim, strong and very light weight. Bicycle manufacturers Trek unveiled Zora carbon fibre bike concept, for the next decade. Designed by Steve Baumann, Jon Russell…
a woman standing next to her bike on the sidewalk with another person walking behind it
an artistic rendering of a bicycle frame
Bild könnte enthalten: Fahrrad
a black and white jersey with the word killer printed on it
Jerseys | Shop by Category | Men
Buy your new high functional and aerodynamically optimized cycling jersey right here. The biehler online shop provides ultra lightweight high speed...
an electric bicycle with luggage strapped to the seat and front wheel, on a gray background
Curve Vehicle Design Envisions and Optimizes the Heck out a Gravel e-Bike
It's electric gravel bike called Expedition from Curve Vehicle Design. Sure, a monocoque #frame may not be unique, but the frame geometry, particularly the rear triangle, is different. Like analogues, the Expedition is meant to be able to carry everything you need for your biking adventures #ebike2021, #ebicycle, #ebikedesign, #ebike
a silver bicycle with black spokes is shown from the front and side view, against a gray background
Red Dot Award for Canyon bike design
an orange and silver bicycle on display in front of a white wall with information about the bike
the bike is leaning against the wall
a close up of a bike tire on a white brick wall with black spokes
Review: Tate Labs Rain Fly Rear Mudguard
the yellow frame and seatposts on this bike are designed to look like they have been
an image of some kind of device that is on display