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KareWares: DIY Revisited: Mother's Day flower pot with template

Last year I wrote a post with an idea for a Mother's Day card that I like to do at school with my kids each year. This year I decided to.

Craft Stick Folding Mother's Day Card http://www.daniellesplace.com/html/mothersday.html

Craft Stick Folding Mother's Day or any day Card Craft. This site has many different mother's day kid friendly art and craft ideas for making a mother's day gift or card

LOL, that is awesome.  May be a little childish for my 12 year old, but I'm sure I can talk her into it for my sake :)

There’s quite a lot of searches on the site for Easter Crafts so here’s a few egg decorating ideas for you to play with. I LOVE these Dye-ving Dudes made with craft eggs, bottle tops, elastic bands, bendy straws and felt.

Each pupil grew his own beanstalk. Then they cut out the sahape of a castle- coloured it, added cotton for the clouds. They also cut out the characters puppets from the story. I took a picture of each of them so that they could pretend being the hero of the story (rather than Jack). Looks great!!

'Jack and the Beanstalk' Children climbing their own beanstalk up to their imaginary castle.

Paper Plate Spider Web

Like Mama ~ Like Daughter: An Enchanted Childhood Playschool ~ The Very Busy Spider Eric Carle

Painting on foil. Creative development. Foundation Stage. Teaching. Classroom. Resources. EYFS. Early Years. Reception. Children. Learning.

easy art for kids foil painting // It also helps to add a small amount of dish washing liquid to your paint mix. Not only will that make cleaning up easier but it also helps the paint to stick to the foil better and not flake off when it dries.