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a swing made out of wood and rope with a white rug on the ground next to it
Cat Toilet Training
Cat scratching post Cat scratching post with a swing #catscarediy #catsdiyhouse #catsdiytreats
a black cat sitting on top of a blue mat next to a bottle of water
Cat Toys: Everything You Need To Know - CatTime
Cat toys can range from free homemade distractions to battery-powered devices but, regardless of the price tag, safety comes first.
a cat sitting on top of a blue mat with the words self petting station diy cat toy projects
DIY Cat Toy Self Petting Station
DIY Cat Toy Self Petting Station
there is a cat that is laying down on the window sill and in front of it
Cat Kicker Toy DIY - Make Your Own Cat Kick Stick
Do your cats love to play? This DIY cat toy, fabric kick stick is an easy project that your cats will love to kick and throw! AD
two rolls of toilet paper on top of a piece of blue mat next to a hole in the wall
Aquí os dejo el tutorial para hacer un rascador para gatos,espero que os sea de ayuda,el diseño y la decoración va un poco a gusto del consu...
instructions to crochet a purple cup cozy
Crocheted lamas - HOW MAN CRAZY MÁXI MANUFACTURES - vip photography
Crocheted lamas - HOW MAN CRAZY MÁXI MANUFACTURES #amigurumipasoapaso #crazy #crocheted #lamas #manufactures
three tiered shelfs made out of white pipes with green camo print on them
You searched for d54abde6253487537cf04752f68b5b79 - Budget101
This looks pretty straight forward (well until I try to make it!), I'm sure that there are plenty of crafters out there who will be able to make this for their cat - and what a lucky cat it would be!
an image of garden plants that are labeled in the words, cat garden 15 plants cats love
Plants You Can Grow To Please Your Cat
It may be January, but this is the perfect month to start planning your garden, especially if you have to order seeds to be shipped to you and then start them indoors. So why not plan on planting an herb garden just for your favorite felines? There are a number of herbs and plants that cats find tasty and that are good for their nutrition and digestion
an orange tabby cat sitting on a porch next to a potted plant with herbs in it
DIY Cat Herb Garden
A step-by-step tutorial for creating a DIY cat herb garden. Includes feline-friendly herbs that your cat will love to snack on including lemon grass, mint, catmint, catnip, thyme and more!
a woman sitting in a chair with a dog laying on top of it and the image is split into two separate images
Burrow Dog Bed
DIY #DogBed tutorial at